About Us at Organic Fertilizers Info

We took over Organic Fertilizers Info (basic-info-4-organic-fertilizers.com) in early December 2011. We've painstakingly gone through each page, improving the content, correcting errors, and generally making each page much better to read.

So just who are "we"?

We're a husband and wife team who both work online to make ends meet so that we can spend some of our income and time puttering around in the organic garden.


Lulie is the dedicated gardener. She loves getting her hands into the soil, or weeding, or deadheading, whenever she can. The proud past owner of organic gardens in Waynesville, North Carolina, and Cotacachi, Ecuador, she now gardens in our tiny front and back yards in Cuenca, Ecuador.

When she's not teaching English online to students from around the world, you'll probably find Lulie doing something in the garden.


Jeff has worked on a few of organic farms, including an organic seed company.

He's a past-president of Canadian Organic Growers, a national charitable organization dedicated to leading communities towards sustainable organic stewardship.

He's also a permaculture design course graduate.

When he's not working as a technical writer and webmaster, you'll likely find him learning about more organic growing techniques.

We look forward to bringing you even more information about organic fertilizers, organic gardening, and everything else that comes with growing food and flowers without chemical pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.

If you need to reach us, or want to leave us a comment, please use our contact form. We don't publish our email addresses to keep spam to a reasonable level.

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